In the works

So we have a blog now. We've been planning to be more transparent with what we're working on for many a month now, and a blog is a good place to start that new regime.

However, a far larger percentage of the posts on here are likely to be opinions and musings on movies. Alongside the mini reviews all over Plot, we can now offer the odd long-form piece on here. (If you're interested in writing for us, hit up!). Make sure you're following us on Twitter to see when our imminent reviews and rants get posted.

So, what have Ben, Kym, and I actually been working on?

  • Nowt. There's been a lot of delays with recent Plot progression. We're a lot more confident that won't be the case from this point onwards.
  • A blog
  • An actual marketing plan. More members on Plot only makes it better, and yet we've never really focused on this until now.
  • A much better interface for dealing with dropped connections.
  • Fix flickering avatars.
  • Performance/speed improvements with the main feed, profile feeds, and notifications.
  • Getting multiple ratings back in the movie information (most notably IMDB).
  • Removing search tool glitches.
  • Improved onboarding.

They're not particularly shiny and glamorous additions, but the performance improvements especially should make using the app a much more enjoyable experience. An early spring clean feels like it has to be the priority for us right now.

As soon as the next update goes out, we'll be changing our pricing model to a free one.

More updates soon!