Updates: Plot is now free, and more!

alt We've been busy over the past few months working on several updates and improvements.

We realised that our goals to build a community around movie discovery work far better when more people are involved, so we're removing all barriers to entry. The Plot app is now free to download.

To all of those who have supported Plot so far, a heartfelt thank you. We have received a lot of constructive feedback and kind words of encouragement which has played a huge part in the progress of Plot.

So to welcome our new friends and taking on board all of your fantastic feedback so far, we've made several key improvements:

  • We improved the onboarding introduction. Existing members will likely never see this (sorry), but we are now recommending active members to new arrivals, so keep the top quality reviews coming.

  • We've made various performance improvements including faster feeds, profiles, notifications and search. (We had to remove live search results for this one, it just wasn't performing well enough).

  • A glitch has been fixed where the second line of a the comment you are typing would disappear. All words now visible in all their glory.

  • The app no longer burns to the ground when the connection drops. 10000% improved experience on train journeys.


We also updated the website. Go take a look, invite your friends to download Plot & please continue to send us your valuable feedback. 😄

—Kym, and the rest of the team.